My teammates showed me the Gorzow boulevard! (INTERVIEW)

Nora Wenztel has her first opportunity to play outside her home Hungarian league. She spent the last seven seasons with Hungary's NKA Universitas PEAC. She and the Hungarian national team participated in the Universiade in China, where they finished fifth. This season in the Orlen Basket League Women, Wentzel is averaging 12.2 points per game and scoring 2.8 assists. In the EuroCup Women's competition, it's 11.8 points, 3.5 rebounds and 3.3 assists, respectively. We asked Nora about her feelings so far from her stay at PolskaStrefaInwestycji Enea AJP Gorzów!


How do you like playing in the Polish league?

The Polish league is completely different from what I am familiar with in the Hungarian league. It's much more physical and demanding, that's probably the biggest difference. This is my first time playing abroad. My first impressions are very positive. We have great chemistry in the team, all the people working at the club are very helpful. This made it much easier for me to adapt in the team. I am very happy that before the season I decided to transfer to the Polish league!


What places in Gorzow have you already seen?

My teammates showed me the Gorzow boulevards. We walked along the Warta River and it was beautiful and I also visited the golf course with the team. There are still many places ahead of me. I like sushi very much, so my favorite restaurant in Gorzow is actually a sushi restaurant. It is delicious.

What places in Gorzow would you recommend to tourists from Hungary to see?

Our hall! I don't know, maybe also that sushi restaurant, but the most important thing is our hall and a visit to our meetings. It's the best place in Gorzow.


Have you seen any places in Poland outside of Gorzow?

Not yet. We have a busy schedule of meetings, and during the representation break I was home in Budapest. I hope to go somewhere during the Christmas break. For now I have only seen Polish cities near the hotels where we played Orlen Basket League Women's games.



What places in Poland would you like to see?

I heard that Wroclaw is a beautiful city. They told me it's a very nice and friendly place for tourists. I really want to go there. We have a league match with Wroclaw, so I'll have a chance!


Have you tried Polish dishes? Do you have your favorite?

I love to eat, so of course I had to try Polish dishes. I tried sour soup, it was great. Of course, I also had to eat "pierogi", the traditional ones with stuffing. These are probably my favorite Polish dishes.

How about your Polish language?Do you already know any words?


Yes, I am learning Polish.It's not easy.They told me that Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages, but in my opinion Polish is more difficult.I know some names of food products, for example, "potatoes - ziemniaki", "tomato soup - zupa pomidorowa". I also know "knife - nóż" "fork - widelec," "glass - szklanka" "plate - talerz" I also know phrases like "good morning - dzień dobry", "see you later - do zobaczenia", "I'm tired - jestem zmęczona", these are very important phrases in training! So far I know so much, but I'm learning. Grammar is terribly difficult, so I'm doing average, but I'm trying!


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