The Club is an association with legal personality. Its main aim is to provide sports activities to children, young people and adults. We work towards achieving athletic excellence by organizing sports classes, training camps and participating in competitions.

The Club focuses on girls' and women’s basketball and is engaged in broadly understood pro-social activities, promoting healthy lifestyles through practicing sports.


Club crest:





Club colors:

- navy blue

- sky blue

- white         



Financial structure:

The Club’s budget is built upon 6 solid pillars which provide a stable financial foundation.




The City of Gorzów Wielkopolski supports financially both the top-league team and youth training program. Children’s basketball practice is organized at municipal sports facilities and the city runs sports classes with a basketball profile.


"ENEA S.A" has been collaborating with the Club since 2015. Its patronage extends from our children and youth teams to the second senior team competing in the Polish first league (1 Liga). In the 2017/2018 season, ENEA S.A. expanded its cooperation with the Club to include sponsorship of the first senior team, which plays in Poland’s top-league (Basket Liga Kobiet, or BLK) and EuroCup games. Thus, it became the main sponsor of the Club.


Kostrzyn - Słubice Special Economic Zone (K-SSSE) began supporting the Club in 2006. In 2007, it became a titular sponsor of the top-league team.  In 2016, K-SSSE signed a sponsorship contract for three consecutive seasons, which shows its earnest commitment to further development of the Club and tangible marketing benefits for the company.


PROSUPPORT Sp. z o.o. has been collaborating with our Club since the 2018/2019 season. In the next year, the company recognized the value of our club and became one of the main sponsors in the 2019/2020 season. Sport provides great opportunities for connecting people and fostering communication. For this reason, Prosupport remains committed to sponsoring Gorzów-based sports teams.


Gospodarczy Bank Spółdzielczy, this cooperative bank has been supporting our Club for a dozen years. Since the 2018/19 season, it has significantly expanded its support for the Club, and it is now yet another important sponsor.


The Jacob of Paradies University is not only the founder of the Club but also one of its key sponsors. Thanks to the University’s involvement, it was possible to establish Sports Championship Academic Junior High School, Sports Championship Academic High School and a sports dormitory for our basketball players, which greatly improved the quality of training in the Club.


"Our Family of Sponsors" comprises companies and enterprises based both in the Lubuskie Province and the other parts of Poland. At the beginning, it consisted of four entities. Today, this pillar is developing dynamically. Currently, we are supported by 160 companies, which form a business platform.  The aim of the Family of Sponsors is to bring together companies and enterprises which want to network, collaborate, and develop joint strategies for the development of their businesses and public relations. We hope that being a part of our Family of Sponsors will significantly boost the prestige of your brand. 



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