fot. Piotr Kaczmarek fot. Piotr Kaczmarek

The 12 questions to... series is our novelty for this season. We want fans to get to know our basketball players from a slightly different angle


1) How did your adventure with basketball start?

 Growing up in a small town, I had to play a lot of sports to fill in spots for teams. I started playing competitively in second grade. While I was a second grader I played up on the third and fourth grade teams as well as on the fifth and sixth grade teams. I was in fourth grade when I started playing in middle school. So I got a lot of good experiences early on. When I was in the eighth grade, there weren't enough girls to form a team, so I joined (and started) on the eighth grade boys team.

2) What is the most beautiful thing about this sport?
 I think basketball is so much fun because of the team aspect. Being able to play with your best friends, and to make really good relationships with your teammates is amazing. I have life-long friends from this game, and I am very thankful for that. Additionally I just love the game. It is competitive, smooth, and fast-paced. 

3) How do you prepare for the match? Do you have any rituals of yours?
In college I had a few game-day rituals. I used to eat a TON of food before games, mainly pancakes. I also always used to wear a headband and get my hair braided by one of my teammates. Now I am a bit more relaxed about it, but I do like to play music and pray before games.

4) If not for basketball then?
I would probably be working in the business world, since I got my degree in marketing and finance at the University of Iowa.

5) Favorite movie / series?
Frozen is my favorite movie, Anna and Elsa resemble myself and my sister in so many ways. It is too hard to pick a favorite series, too many good ones out there!

6) What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to a variety of music genres and artists. I really like pop, Christian music. Favorite artists are Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lauren Diagle, and Lecrae

7) Dream holiday?
Christmas is my favorite, so I would just say spending time at home in northern Wisconsin on a snowy day with my family sounds like a pretty great holiday to me.

8) Hobbies or leisure activities?
I am a blogger, so I like to write a lot. I especially love to write about my faith in Jesus Christ, and I hope to one day publish a novel.

9) Favorite Food? (cook and eat)
Pancakes, obviously since I named my dog Pancake! 

10) Dreams and plans for the future?
One day I would like to own a professional sports team, preferably an NBA team. I could also see myself getting into practicing law, real estate or perhaps sports broadcasting. So I am keeping my options open!
11) Sports idol? Role model?
 I would say growing up my family were definitely my sports/life role models. Both my parents played in college and so did my sister. They are such hard workers and people of high character. 

12) Life motto?
Put your heart into everything you do, and don't forget your purpose!
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