From WNBA to Gorzów! Welcome aboard Kathleen Doyle

It is time for an another update on our line-up for the 2020/2021 season! Kathleen Doyle, the No.14 draft pick in the WNBA Draft 2020, will play in Gorzów! In her last NCAA season, she played for Iowa Hawkeyes, and scored the average of 18.2 points, 6.3 assists and 4.7 rebounds. Now Doyle is getting ready to play for Indiana Fever in the WNBA season which starts on July 25th.


Kathleen Doyle, 22, represented the USA at the 2019 Pan American Games, winning a silver medal with Team USA. Our new basketball player also won a number of NCAA honors. In her first NCAA season, she was chosen to play in the Big Ten All-Freshmen Team. In the following seasons, she was selected for the All-Big Ten (second team by coaches in 2018, first team by coaches and second team by media in 2019, and first team by both in 2020). In her final NCAA season, she was named Big Ten Player of the Year. During her time in Iowa she also won her second gold medal.


“I am so excited that Kathleen will play for us in the coming season. We will love her for her incredible passion for sport because she is a real fighter. She is a leader of her teams and gives them mental support. She is a player with great passion and determination. Moreover, she is also very versatile and physically fit and has a great set of basketball skills,” said coach Dariusz Maciejewski.


What made the Indiana Fever selected Kathleen Boyle with the No. 14 overall pick, decide to spend her first season in Gorzów?

“I decided to transfer to Gorzów because I thought it would be a great experience. I wanted to find a team that would help me improve my game and play against elite competition. This club is the best of both worlds for me,” said Kathleen Doyle.


What are the strengths of our new basketball player?

 “She is not only a good shooter but she also likes to share the ball as well as she has a lot of team spirit. Apart from that, Kathleen is a very good defender. I believe that she will adjust perfectly to the style of our game for the upcoming season. I think that she will quickly make herself at home in our team and she will show her full potential in the upcoming season. I am sure that Kathleen will help us to strive for high goals and and we will help her make her first big step in professional basketball,” said the AZS AJP Gorzów coach.


What does the basketball player, who makes her debut in Europe, want to give to the team? What are her goals for the upcoming season?

“I’m a fiery point guard who loves to compete. I’m a team oriented player who is ready to do anything the team needs in order for us to win. My goal is to continue to improve my game while helping the team win as many games as possible. I want to win championships!” ended Kathleen Doyle

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