We are waiting for the field house! An invitation to tender has been opened!

Centrum Sportowo-Rehabilitacyjne Słowianka Sp. z.o.o has announced a tender to build a multifunctional sports and entertainment facility in Gorzów! Tenders may be submitted until 22 September 2020.


The construction of a multifunctional sports and entertainment facility is one of the most anticipated investment projects in Gorzów. It is also a very important investment for further development of sports in our city. The construction of the facility will be financed by the city of Gorzów Wielkopolski and co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism with PLN 22.5 million.


“We really like to play in our good old field house that is owned by the Jacob of Paradies University. We feel comfortable playing there and we are satisfied with the cooperation with the university. We will surely continue it because we have a lot of youth groups. However, a modern facility is essential for further development of our club. We have only a conditional permission from FIBA for European games. As we are the only team from Gorzów that plays internationally, we want to host the best teams from Europe in a modern facility,” said Michał Kugler, Vice-President of AZS AJP Gorzów.


“The announced tender is a very good decision taken by the city authorities, with Mayor Jacek Wójcicki at the head. Now we have to believe that there will be a contractor that meets all the requirements. After selecting the tender, we will wait for the first symbolic spade to be stuck into the ground. We want our AZS AJP Gorzów club to be an even better calling card of our city. Our aspiration is to play in the Euroleague again in a few seasons. This facility will also create a better in-stadium experience for our fans and sponsors who watch our games. As soon as the construction of the facility begins, our club will start a number of marketing campaigns. As a result, during the first game in the new field house we can expect all the seats to be taken,” added Michał Kugler.


“The modern facility with a full-size training room adjacent to the main arena meets the requirements of international sports federations. This will allow us to host international competitions not only in our discipline (e.g. volleyball, handball, futsal). Our club will try to follow the example of the Hungarian city Sopron and host one of the international basketball events of senior or youth group every year,” said coach Dariusz Maciejewski.


According to the architectural concept design, there will be 5,027 seats, including about 2,600 fixed seats. There will be an additional folding grandstand to accommodate more than 5,000 spectators in the field house. The hall could be also used for organizing concerts. One of the warm-up rooms was designed in such a way that it can serve as a stage if necessary. The facility is to be built right next to the Słowianka swimming pool complex.


The multifunctional sports and entertainment facility will correspond visually to Słowianka so as to ensure seamless continuity. The field house will be divided into several zones, including the main arena, a warm-up room used by the Sports Championship School and a conference room. The field house must meet the requirements of international sports federations in order to hold international competitions there.

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