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Karolina Matkowska, who started her sports career in our club, earned her first points for the Polish top league at the inauguration of the Energa Basket Liga Kobiet season. In the 12 questions for... series, the PolskaStrefaInwestycji Enea Gorzów basketball player shares her thoughts on her perfect holiday destination and reveals the name of the basketball player she looks up to the most. 


1) How did your basketball adventure start?

I think it was a stroke of luck. One day, when I was at the end of the third grade of Elementary School no. 13, a female coach visited our class in order to recruit some of us to the sport class. Due to an injury I had at the time, I couldn't participate in any of the exercises. Fortunately, I recovered toward the end of the trials and was able to take part and pass the tests.

2) What is the most beautiful thing about this sport?

What I appreciate the most is those small moments of happiness. I just love watching how my fellow players develop, how they all have their unique reactions to successful actions or how they cry the tears of joy after crossing off another achievement.

3) How do you prepare for a game? Do you have any rituals?

No, not really. I simply listen to good music, get a lot of sleep and try to stay positive.  

4) If it weren’t for basketball, you would... ?

I would possibly take up swimming, running or even dancing.

5) What’s your favorite movie/TV series?

Step Up and Fast & Furious are among my favorites. When it comes to TV shows, it has got to be The 100 and Wentworth.

6) What kind of music do you listen to?

It depends on my mood.  I don't necessarily stick to a single genre. There's a fitting quote I’m really fond of: “When you're happy, you enjoy the music. When you're sad, you understand the lyrics.”  And I feel like it applies to me a lot.

7) What’s your dream place to spend a vacation?

I wish I could visit Iceland one day. I consider its nature and landscapes especially captivating, there are just so many great experiences to be had there.  

8) What’s your hobby? How do you spend your leisure time?

I mostly spend my free time on watching TV series, reading books or occasionally playing board games with my family.

9) What’s your favorite dish?

Picking just one dish is kind of tough, because I love food so much, but I suppose my bet would be on potato and cheese pierogi.  I could eat them day after day.

10) What about your dreams and plans for the future?

I intend to grow as a basketball player and find my own happiness.

11) Who is your sporting idol or  or a role model?

Agnieszka Skobel has always been my idol.  I have a lot of admiration for her personality and tenacity. I have strived to be just like her since forever.

12) What’s your motto?

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

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