12 question to... Kathleen Doyle

The 12 questions to... series is our novelty for this season. We want fans to get to know our basketball players from a slightly different angle


1) How did your adventure with basketball start?

I have loved playing basketball for as long as I can remember. I am the youngest of 6 kids in a family of sports lovers and basketball happened to be one of our family’s favorites.


2) What is the most beautiful thing about this sport?

I have gotten to travel the world, experience amazing things and make awesome memories while creating and building life long relationships all because of basketball.


3) How do you prepare for the match? Do you have any rituals of yours?

I am not a superstitious player, so I do not have any crazy rituals that I do for every game. I prepare for games by listening to music that gets me in the zone.


4) If not for basketball then?

I would like to try to be a coach after I am done playing! 


5) Favorite movie / series?

My favorite movie is Remember the Titans and my favorite series is Grey’s Anatomy.


6) What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to all kinds of music. What I listen to really just depends on what mood I am in and what kind of vibe I am looking for.


7) Dream holiday ?

I would love to travel to the French Polynesian Islands some day.


8 ) Hobbies or leisure activities?

I really enjoy drawing while listening to music.


9) Favorite Food? (cook and eat)

My favorite food is probably steak and I really enjoy making myself breakfast while I listen to music and drink my coffee.


10) Dreams and plans for the future?

Hopefully I will have a long successful career playing basketball, and then once I retire I would like to go into coaching.


11) Sports idol? Role model?

I can’t choose just one sports idol. I look up to anyone who has a fiery, competitive spirit, is always a good teammate, and uses their platform to show who they truly are and to make a difference in the world in some positive way.


12) Life motto?

Work hard, have fun, and be kind.

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