A real mixture of routine and youth

A mixture of youth and experience. Four foreign basketball players, four experienced Polish players and young and talented players who started their sports careers at our club. This is the line-up of our AZS AJP Gorzów team for the 2020/2021 season for the Energa Basket Liga Kobiet and EuroCup Women games. The Energa Basket Liga Kobiet basketball league starts on 3-4 October. The first European Cup games are planned for October 15th.



“The basic criteria that we kept in mind while selecting players were their ambition, bravery, flexibility and a whole range of basketball skills. All the players we signed contracts with fully meet the criteria. We had to stick rigidly to the financial resources that we had at our disposal for the contracts. Therefore, we do not have stars like Copper and Thomas in the team. There will also be fewer foreign players. However, taking into consideration the difficult situation due to the pandemic and the fact that the club's budget that is to cover the players’ salaries is reduced by about 40 percent, I am satisfied with the team we have built,” said coach Dariusz Maciejewski.



“We have players for reasonable money who give us hope for satisfactory sporting results. This year’s team is a real mixture of routine and youth. Our captain Kasia Dźwigalska as well as Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk and Agnieszka Szott-Hejmej provide essential experience. Our foreign players make for proper shooters. There is also a possibility for the young and talented players who have developed their skills at our club to introduce their own strategies,” added the coach.



“In this line-up, we have increased flexibility because each of the players can play in two positions. We are certainly not as strong as Gdynia because it is a team built for a lot of money to fight effectively in the Euroleague. However, sport likes to surprise us and the strength must be proven on the court. We do not know the line-ups of all the teams, so it is hard to say anything about the level of the whole league. We will always be an ambitious team. We will fight in every game because we want to strive for high goals again, both in EBLK and EuroCup games. We want to promote our city and well as our sponsors through our good game. As our motto says, "We all play in one club." Now we just have to hope for the best that the global pandemic situation will not develop so that we can enjoy watching the games together with the fans,” ended coach Dariusz Maciejewski.


AZS AJP GORZÓW 2020/2021

Katarzyna Dźwigalska (point guard)

Karolina Matkowska (shooting guard)

Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk (power forward)

Wiktoria Kuczyńska (point guard)

Dominika Owczarzak (point guard)

Paula Duchnowska (shooting guard)

Agnieszka Szott-Hejmej (small forward/power forward)

Aleksandra Kuczyńska (point guard)

Borislava Hristova (small forward/power forward)

Cheridene Green (center/power forward)

Kathleen Doyle (point guard/shooting guard)

Megan Gustafson (power forward/center)


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