Coaches satisfied with the training camps

Our basketball players have finished their training camps for the Polish U-20 and U-18 national teams. Polish U-20 national senior team trained in Gniewno (Wiktoria Kuczyńska, Aleksandra Kuczyńska, Weronika Dudek, Ewelina Śmiałek and Joanna Kobylińska). Janusz Kopaczewski was there as an assistant head coach. Martyna Kurkowiak, Gabriela Lebiecka, Julita Michniewicz and Daria Ryzińska trained hard in Kielce during their training camp for the Polish U-18 national team.


Due to the cancellation of all European Championships by FIBA, the main point of the July training camp was to play two friendly matches against the senior team.

“It was a valuable experience. Our coaching staff is satisfied with 6 out of 8 quarters of the friendly matches. The additional pressure related to the competition during the matches was very motivating for all of us. It was possible to see how the girls were hungry for games after such a long break induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are glad that the girls were very committed. With their determination and work ethic, they proved that they deserved to be at the training camp with the Polish national team,” said Krzysztof Szewczyk, head coach of the Polish U-20 national team.


Coach Marek Lebiedziński is also satisfied with the work of the women’s team at the training camp in Kielce.

“I am very happy that the training camp in Kielce took place despite the still uncertain situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 19 players took part in the training camp. They returned to practice sessions after a very long break. We spent most practice sessions on improving individual attack and defense techniques. We also worked on team defense and a little bit on offensive strategy. During the stay in Kielce, the players were very engaged in every practice session. They were also able to integrate outside the court creating a great atmosphere,” said Marek Lebiedziński, head coach of the U-18 team, to


The coaching staffs hope that this was not the last training camp of the Polish U-20 and U-18 women’s national teams in 2020. There is a chance that the staff will meet for four or five days in November during the Polish national team games.

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